Supercharge your customer support with our cutting-edge solution! Introducing a powerful platform designed to streamline and enhance your customer support and service management processes.


e-Helpdesk by SRIKOM

e-Helpdesk is an advanced software solution for customer support and service management. It acts as a centralized platform that empowers organizations to effectively manage customer inquiries, complaints, and support requests.

By leveraging its extensive features and intuitive interface, e-Helpdesk optimizes the support process, ensuring quick and efficient resolution of issues.


Ticket Management

Ensures proper documentation, assignment, and timely resolution of customer queries.

Self-Service Portal

Customers access knowledge base and find answers independently.

Ticket Routing & Assignment

Automated ticket routing based on predefined rules or criteria.

Communication & Collaboration

Seamless communication between customers and support agents.

SLA Management

Define and enforce response and resolution time targets.

Reporting & Analytics

Robust reporting and analytics, providing valuable insights.