iClock-in is a cutting-edge digital attendance record system developed by SRIKOM. It revolutionizes the way organizations track and manage employee attendance. With iClock-in, say goodbye to outdated punch cards and manual record-keeping.


iClock-in by SRIKOM

iClock-in is an innovative attendance monitoring solution that simplifies and optimizes employee time-tracking. It offers various clock-in methods, including biometric scanners and mobile applications, eliminating manual processes. The system automates attendance recording, ensuring accuracy and reliability for generating precise timesheets and payroll reports.

Managers can access real-time attendance data, monitor punctuality, and integrate it with existing HR systems. iClock-in streamlines attendance management, reduces administrative burdens, and promotes efficiency in workforce management for improved operational effectiveness.


iClock-in offers a range of advanced features to meet your specific needs. From real-time attendance tracking to comprehensive reporting, our system provides valuable insights into employee attendance patterns, enabling better workforce management.