App Features

OnsiteShot, a game-changing extension module of i-ClockIn. Designed to elevate your workforce management, OnsiteShot brings innovation and efficiency to the forefront. It offers a seamless, user-friendly experience, enhancing the way you oversee on-site activities.

Visual Verification

OnsiteShot enhances employee onsite tracking by allowing them to capture images during activities, ensuring visual verification.

Progressive Web App

It's a PWA with a user-friendly interface that staff can easily install on mobile devices for a native-like experience.


Each image is tagged with precise location coordinates, ensuring accurate onsite record-keeping.

Real-time Weather Data

Integration of real-time weather data offers insights into onsite conditions, adding context to the records.

Comprehensive Solution

OnsiteShot is a holistic solution that not only verifies onsite activities but also enriches records with contextual data.

Optimized Workforce Management

By combining visual verification and contextual data, OnsiteShot optimizes workforce management for enhanced efficiency.

Management Interface

OnSiteShot Management, accessible through i-ClockIn, provides a diverse array of customizable options, ensuring the maximization of functionality and the reinforcement of every shot authentication capabilities.